January Executive Director Letter

Dear Mission Family and Friends,

Welcome to the Black and Indian Mission Office website. January is full of activities for many of us as we return to work, school and our routine from celebrating the birth and baptism of the Lord Jesus.

I recall recently reading that Pope Francis said in The Light of Faith, No. 40, “The Church, like every family, passes on to her children the whole store of her memories.” Within this website are memories of evangelization in Black, Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Perhaps this is your first time visiting with us. If so, please let me know about your visit by liking us on Facebook or send us an email at communications@blackandindianmission.org. I am interested in knowing what you are looking for on our site or of your curiosity with American Indian, Alaska Native and African Americans. How can we help you? What would you like to see? What would be helpful to you and others?

Be sure to visit awhile reading the stories and witnessing the positive impact of missionary outreach from our mission schools, religious education programs, parishes and Black and Indian activities across the United States. Maybe you have a story or two to share with us? If so, again like us on Facebook or send an email to communications@blackandindianmission.org.

Again, welcome! Bless you and thank you for coming my way. . .

Joy and peace!

Reverend W. Carroll Paysse

Executive Director