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“I didn’t know that!” The woman did a double-take to learn that Baptism calls an individual to be an apostle, an evangelizer, a missionary.  I had just handed her our brochure promoting ministry in the Black and Native American communities.  This is my second posting on the blog. I’ve been visiting numerous Native American and African American communities. 

* I was invited by Bishop Curtis Guillory to preach at the feast day Mass of St. Katharine Drexel in the Diocese of Beaumont, TX.  Following Mass, I met with members of the Black Catholic faith community at the banquet. I was touched to receive the gift of song from the children at Mother of Mercy School and to receive warm greetings from people across the Diocese. 
* In Little Rock, AR I participated in an insightful  retreat for Black Catholic Leaders at Subicaco Benedictine Abbey as well as visited the children at St. Peter the Apostle School and St Augustine Child Care Center.
 * From the South I moved West to participate in the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Anaheim, CA. In partnership with the Josephites and the Archdiocesan Black Catholic Evangelization Center, our Mission Office staffed a booth. It was exciting to share with people the ministry of the Black and Indian Mission Office following the theme of the Congress, Hold Firm…Trust. Many were surprised to learn that we have been in existence since 1874. As I finished my presentations, I handed the listeners 2 of our flyers with the challenge, “ Be an apostle of good news, give a flyer to a friend.”
* On an upper level of the Convention Center  there were tables – the length of two city blocks    highlighting the various multi-cultural ministries of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I’m proud to say the L. A. Kateri Circle was well represented in a beautiful display. Spending time with the Native American women and men there, I learned they had given out over 2,000 prayer cards of Blessed Kateri.

Until next time, may YOU seek ways to be a missionary for Jesus among your family and friends.  Go on… “Be an apostle of the Good News, share this blog with a friend.”
Lenten blessings.