Catholic Negro-American Mission Board Grant Application

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Board Of Directors
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School/Religious Education Program Grant Application

Grant Guidelines

1. Grants for schools are to assist with teacher salaries.

2. Grants for religious education programs are to assist with catechetical materials and the purchase of Bibles, etc.


4. Only one application form is requested per year.

5. Grant funds will be distributed in August and April.

6. Incomplete submission of all required information will cause a delay in the review of your grant application and possibly an award to not be considered.

Application Submission Instructions

1. This form should be filled out and submitted online only. In order to continue working on this form and save the data as you are going along, please go to “file” and then click on “save this page as”, format should be "Web Page, Complete" (or click CTRL+S on PC or COMMAND+S on Mac) to save this form on your computer BEFORE you fill it out. Once the form has been completed, it can be submitted using the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page. We recommend using the most up-to-date version of Firefox, which can be downloaded here.

2. Application must be electronically submitted between February 1st and May 30th of every year.



1. Parish/School Information:
Name *
Applying For *
Street Address *
City *
State *
Zip/Postal Code *
Phone *
Fax *
Website *


2. You & Your Role:
Name *
Title *
E-mail Address *
If any of your personal contact information differs from that listed above in Section 1, please specify that here.


3. How Your School/Parish Serves
How many young people do you serve? *
Number of Native American/Alaska Native Students *
Number of African American Students *
What is the annual tuition per student? *
What is the annual cost per student in your school? *
What is the average annual salary of your teachers? *
How many school teachers/catechists do you have? *


4. Other Sources of Support
Do you receive parish support for the school/religious education program? *
If yes, how much per year?
Do you have a fundraising program? *
If yes, please list types of fundraising.
Do you receive funding from other sources?*
If yes, please list organization and amounts received annually.


5. Diocesan & Pastor Information
(Arch) Diocese*
Pastor's Name*
Pastor's Phone Number *
Pastor's E-mail Address *
Pastor's Mailing Address, only if different from #1


6. How Can We Help You
How much funding are you requesting? *
If given, how will the grant funds help you to evangelize your students and young people? *
(A paragraph is acceptable)


7. Important New Initiative: Project NewsFlash
Help Us Help You! As you know, ours is a "mission to the missions"; we help Catholic institutions like yours spread the Good News of Christ. We need your help to spread the good news about how Our Mission helps Your Mission do just that. We have instituted Project NewsFlash - a quick and easy way for you to submit news articles and photos directly to our offices website at

What We Expect From You - As A Condition Of Grant Funding we now require that someone at your school or parish serve as our "Roving Reporter" out in the field at your mission. This person will electronically submit a brief (1-2 paragraphs) news article and photos about what is going on at your location EACH QUARTER. It could even be something particularly interesting from your existing newsletter or parish bulletin.

All Submissions Become Property of The Catholic Negro American Mission Board. Many will be posted on the news section of our website, and some may be printed in The Sentinel quarterly newsletter or be featured in our Dream Catcher e-newsletter. 

Please specify someone from your staff or mission (if not you personally) who will serve as the Roving Reporter.
Roving Reporter Name *
Phone Number *
E-Mail Address *
Please type your initials here to indicate your understanding of this new requirement. *


8. I agree that all information presented in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that my school/parish's participation in Project NewsFlash (as described above in #7) on a quarterly basis is a requirement for grant funding.
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