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2017 Black And Indian Mission Collection –
Promotional Materials
Official Date is March 5, 2017
(First Sunday of Lent)
Please see your local diocesan collection schedule for your parish collection date — collection dates vary by diocese.
Help us to help you by promoting the collection in your diocese and parish with these tools and please call us if we can be of any assistance with custom email blasts and the like. We would love to hear from you!

Below are links to promotional materials:


Marquette University e-Archives

Mark Thiel - Marquette Universtiy
Mark G. Thiel, C.A. (Certified Archivist), Marquette University who manages the Black and Indian Mission Office records at work in the John P. Raynor, S.J., Library assisting  researchers. Archival material can be found at the Marquette University e-Archives



Throughout its long history, the Black and Indian Mission Office has used many different means of social communication to spread the Good News about its mission to the missions.
Here are some of our publications and resources.

News of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions
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African American
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Dream Catcher
Native American
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Native American Rosary Booklets