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Our Mission

The Black and Indian Mission Office is comprised of three distinct but inter-related organizations, each with its own purpose and history, but all seeking to fulfill the one Mission to the Missions! Founded by the Catholic bishops of the United States, each organization cooperates with local diocesan communities to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and respond to real and pressing needs on the ground. Read more and join us in our Mission to the Missions!

Catholic Negro-American
Mission Board

established 1907, united with BIMO 1980

Support the Black and Indian
Mission Collection

The Black and Indian Mission Collection exists to help local African American and Native American Diocesan Communities throughout the United States spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and respond to real and pressing needs on the ground.

News and Events

Father Sands

BIMO News | 

Father Maurice Sands recently spoke with Columbia about his personal background and about the broader experience of Native Americans within the Catholic Church.

Indian Mission | 

The Diocese of Rapid City is piloting a Mental Wellness Ministry in several parishes during this grant period, including some located on the Pine Ridge and Standing Rock reservations.

Black Catholic Mission | 

The accompanying photos show youngsters who participated in a Bible study that was conducted at three Griffin Center sites involving children from six different public housing complexes in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Indian Mission | 

Documents seeking to make Nicholas Black Elk a saint were signed, sealed and delivered to the Vatican recently. Black Elk was a Lakota medicine man and Catholic catechist.

Black Catholic Mission | 

Information and Orientation sessions for the Brother Booker Ashe Lay Ministry Program are held in the summer for the Fall Semester and in the winter for the Spring Semester.

BIMO News | 

All Saints is nearing the end of the 2018-2019 Black and Indian Grant cycle. Fewer funds were available and expended this quarter for leadership, faith formation and evangelization.