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All Are Called to Catholic School's Week

March 11, 2020

St. Joseph School

Every year Sister Marian Wehler, OSB and Sister Tina Geiger, RSM, of the Oil City Deanery Catholic Rural Ministry receive an invitation to visit St. Joseph School in Lucinda, PA during Catholic Schools Week. The invitation is to share their story and tell about their religious life and ministry. This year, the theme was “Vocations.” Sister Tina shared how she heard God’s call and Sister Marian told about her Benedictine journey. “Sister Tina and I both enjoy this part of our ministry,” shared Sister Marian. “We love the interaction with students.” Sister Tina added: “It was a very busy week for us but such fun. The students seemed to really enjoy it as much as we did.”

Keeping the connection to Catholic Sisters alive is important to both Sisters Marian and Tina. The Benedictine Sisters of Erie and St. Marys have a rich history in several of the Oil City area schools. The Sisters of Mercy also ministered in education in the area. “We feel very privileged to keep a connection alive with these schools that have a long Benedictine and Mercy history," said Sister Marian. “My own education from Catholic Sisters in the Erie Diocese has had a tremendous effect on me. As I collaborate now with Sister Tina in our shared ministry, I realize more and more how enriched I have been by the amazing religious women I have encountered through the years.”
View the pictures below to see how much the students enjoyed the visit.