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Earth Day Celebrations

April 24, 2019
Students with their Earth Day Mural

Immaculate Conception Parish School celebrated Earth Day on Tuesday, April 23rd when they got back from Easter Break. Teachers, students and special guests, Sister Tina and Sister Marian started the morning with a prayer service. During the service the students put their personal touches on an Interactive Earth Day Reflection Mural. After the teachers read bible passages and prayers, each student had a chance to put their grass, flower, raindrop, leaf or harvest on the mural.

After the prayer service, the Sisters did a beautiful presentation on Mother Earth and how we can take care of her. They talked with the students about what they wrote on their ribbons that was put on the Earth Day tree during Catholic Schools Week. Responses ranged from loving the Earth to picking up trash and taking care of animals.

After that, representatives from the local Game Commission presented a talk on Eastern Blue Birds. Lots of questions poured from the students about the best way to help sustain that particular species of native bird. When they were done, the Game Commission wardens presented each student with a kit for them to build their own blue bird boxes.

Earth Day presentation

Earth Day presentation