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First Day Back to School

October 01, 2019

St Peter Claver Catholic School

All shined up and neat as little pins, the students of St. Peter Claver Catholic School came back to school in August. The heat of the Georgia summer scorched outside, but inside was cool and collected as our students figured out their new classrooms, new books and new teachers! We are very lucky this year to have Sister Kate McFall, DC, spending some time with us as a Kindergarten teacher. Sister Kate has been a Daughter of Charity for a little over a year and is in the Daughters of Charity formation program in St. Louis, Missouri. The children have fallen in love with her energy, compassion and wide smile. We celebrate every day that our school is blessed with the charisma and leadership of the Daughters of Charity as Sister Kate joins her Sisters in Christ, Sister Cheryl Ann Hillig, DC, our principal, and Sister Luanne Carmon, DC, our vice principal, in service at our school in the Heart of Georgia.