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Quarterly Report

September 28, 2020

Church of St. John, Trenton

We are most grateful for the funds we receive at the Church of St. John the Baptist in Trenton. Because of this most generous grant, we are able to carry out some evangelization efforts that we normally could not do. As the pastor, I am convinced of the importance of getting valuable resources to our parishioners (and non-parishioners), many of which I believe change hearts and minds. Here are some things we have done lately which benefits our parish.

In light of our crucial election coming up in just weeks now, I have promoted the very good book by Archbishop Chaput entitled, Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political life. The archbishop argues that our public life as Catholics must be considered in the context of our Christian roots and that American democracy does not ask its citizens to put aside their deeply held moral and religious beliefs for the sake of public policy, but in fact, requires the opposite. This book is enlightening as to how to vote as Catholics.

In November we are planning our first ever Real Presence Radio banquet in Williston. This is very exciting for our Catholic community. Dr. Ray Guarendi will be our speaker. Our parish is also sponsoring tables for the event.

We still continue to order books and cd’s from the Augustine Institute for our kiosks. One of the cd’s we have placed in the church is by Dr. Tim Gray entitled, The Roots of the Crisis. Many Catholics are still angry and frustrated with the sex scandal in the Church. Dr. Gray does a beautiful job explaining how the Church arrived at this ugly place.

Finally, we have ordered two religious education series to help supplement our 7th grade faith formation curriculum. They are entitled, True Strength, which is for our boys, and True Beauty, which is for our girls. They are excellent and are comprised of outstanding videos which are not only engaging, but offer excellent catechesis for our students.