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Family Day at Sacred Heart Chruch, Camden, MS

January 21, 2023

Sacred Heart Chruch, Camden, MS

The Sacred Heart Church family in November of 2022 were able to finally get together after two years of separation; as a full church family. The joy on the faces of each family member lets us know how important it is for us to be able to come together and worship.

Our Family Day theme for 2022 was Happy and Healthy Families. We invited several entities to share resourceful information with our families. This day also include a free health fair that provided the preventatives test for blood pressure, glucose, and vaccinations.

Covid-19 may have slowed us down but it didn’t destroy our praise. We are still Happy and Healthy Families with a love for the Lord.

Each year the Sacred Heart (Camden) Church family takes a group picture on Family Day. After two years of not being able to take this picture because of Covid-19 restrictions; we are pleased to reveal the 2022-2023 Family Day Photo of Happy and Healthy Families.