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St. Augustine School Student Wins Essay Contest

October 12, 2019

St. Augustine Catholic School

Congratulations to Aklasheya Ashenafi, a seventh grade student at St. Augustine Catholic School of Washington, D.C.

Essay Prompt: The three pillars of a solid Catholic education are faith, knowledge, and service. How are these three pillars influencing your life and preparing you for high school and beyond?

Essay Excerpt: Faith has strengthened my relationship with God, because I pray and trust Him more. I also go to church every Sunday. I also go to Sunday school and learn about God. I have learned so much from this experience. It is not easy, but I am thankful for all the blessings that God has given me. It is also important to remember that we are called by God, not just by our own actions or words but by the power of His Word. We cannot live without Him. He is the One who gives us strength and wisdom to overcome any situation. He is the One who will help us through any difficulty in life. He is the One who will give us hope when we need it. He is the One who will guide us in every step of our journey.

-Aklasheya Ashenafi

Asklasheya entered our school in Kindergarten. She says her favorite subject is Math. As a result of this winning essay, she is receiving a $4,000 scholarship over two years from the Catholic Business Network of Washington, D.C.