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Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

March 24, 2024

St. Nicholas School

At St. Nicholas School we consider Catholic Schools a privileged environment. We are able to pray, attend liturgies and acknowledge the presence of God among us. Catholic Schools Week is something the students look forward to and is celebrated across the country.

The week is filled with activities filling the students with excitement.

The teachers find it very rewarding seeing how the students enjoy it and are exhausted at the end of the week.

We celebrated with students and faculty "Glowing for God." Everyone dressed in neon and bright colors with glowing accessories. All eyes were on God with their bright flashing glasses.

Everyone danced the day to the tune of 50's music. The music is still enjoyed by all generations. Students and faculty dressed in Poodle Skirts, jeans and slicked back hair. They enjoyed root beer and orange ice cream floats.

A mascot from Youngstown State University visited the primary grades to stress the importance of reading. She encouraged them to read, read, read everyday!

Students were entertained by Professor Steve through the Magic of Science from School Shows R US. Faculty and students dressed like scientists and did some exploring on their own. There were activities in the classrooms where students investigated, made predictions and tried to solve their hypothesis. They used higher level thinking skills and collaborated while working in their labs!