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February 09, 2023

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish-Poplar

Take the usual challenges our parish has always faced, add in the unique challenges of the reservation, and then mix in approximately 2 years of a pandemic. Perseverance is a very fitting word for Our Lady of Lourdes in Poplar.

The bible says perseverance means being persistent despite the difficulties or delays we face. The bible teaches us to persevere in faith, trusting God to fulfill his promises. When we face difficulties we can trust that God understands our situation and sees our distress.

On November 13th Our Lady of Lourdes hosted their annual Harvest Dinner– with inside seating– very exciting for not only our parish, but our community as well. With this decision being made, we felt it important to continue to be “mindful” of the people. In doing so, we set up a few less tables, all with a bit more distance between each. We also again provided the option of “meals to go”. It was a success!

Taking another step forward, we resumed after school religious education classes for children. One of the children lives in Poplar. Two of the children live in Wolf Point, attend school in Poplar– and attend classes at our parish. Three of the children live North of Poplar, attend school in Froid, and travel back to attend classes at OLOL. Our group of 6 children is very dedicated!

Wanting to stir the light within our church family, we planned a Family Parish Advent Activity. On Sunday, December 18th everyone was invited for a chili luncheon and ornament making. Also at this time, for those who wished to take part, we held a cookie exchange. It’s so important to feel that you are a part of something.
Just as important, people need to feel that they are “a part of making something happen”. Our Lady of Lourdes has a small food pantry consisting of simple items which can be shelf-stored or frozen. We strive to provide at the least, a sandwich to those in need on a daily basis.

We also annually put together an “Angel Tree” to help the less fortunate during our cold, Montana holiday season. The warm hearts of our parishioners always shines through.

We have been through so many challenges, have learned so much, and know that we are stronger together.

Yes, perseverance is a powerful word to Our Lady of Lourdes!