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Annual Book Fair

April 23, 2022

St. Nicholas School

There is no better way to get students excited about reading than hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. All students in grades kindergarten through eight grade get to browse the book fair ahead of time to get an idea of what they may be interested in purchasing. They actually get to purchase books during their regularly scheduled library time. Books are affordably priced and funding is available for students who want a book but may not have money to purchase. Our librarian, Mrs. Pat Fletcher, along with help from Mrs. Cheryl Angeloff each year create an experience that fills the school with excitement. There are prizes to win, games to play, and reading time for the younger students. There is something that brings joy for everybody. The younger students are excited to show everybody what they purchased. At the end of the week the suspense is at a peak, waiting to hear the names of the lucky winners of the prizes announced over the PA system. Before the Book Fair is packed up and ready for pick up, Mrs. Fletcher already has the next year Book Fair scheduled. Her mind is already spinning on how to make it even more exciting for the students next year. Her goal is all about developing a love for reading among the students and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal!