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Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Parish Community

April 10, 2024

St. Teresa of Avila School

Each morning, students at St. Teresa's School kick off their day with Mass alongside parishioners, a privilege not every Catholic school enjoys due to proximity to a church and the availability of a priest. On December 12, 2024, the students and parishioners celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Mass and a prayer procession. These religious celebrations provide invaluable opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection. Students can deepen their faith, strengthen their connection to Mary, and draw inspiration from her example of love, compassion, and faithfulness. Participating in these celebrations alongside parishioners fosters a strong sense of community among students and parishioners, nurturing bonds of fellowship and solidarity. Experiencing these feasts within the parish setting enriches the educational experience for students. They can witness firsthand the rituals, prayers, and customs associated with the celebration, thereby deepening their understanding of Catholic traditions and practices.