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Covid 19 and Catechism at St. Andrew Mission

March 30, 2022

St. Andrew Mission

2019-2020: March 1, 2020 was our last in-person catechism classes at St. Andrew Mission on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Sacraments were postponed from the week after Easter 2020 until October 2020. We had both First Communion and Confirmation in small family groups at St. Andrews, and we required masks and had social distancing for safety.

2020-2021: In September 2020, St. Andrew Mission dropped in-person catechism classes due to Covid 19. We sent all lessons and worksheets by the U.S. Postal Service, and some families returned assignments by email. After Easter we celebrated First Communion in small family groups with masks and social distancing. We celebrated Confirmation at St. Mary Church in Pendleton because they have a much larger church, and again families sat in pods and used masks and social distancing.

2021-2022:We had to drop in-person catechism classes again in September 2021 due to high incidence of Covid 19 here on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Pendleton, and Umatilla County. After Easter we will do a repeat of last years sacraments with First Communion being celebrated at St. Andrews in small family groups and Confirmation being celebrated at St. Mary Church in Pendleton due to the much larger size of their church.

These have been trying times for our Catechism program at St. Andrews, but the parents have been very helpful and allowed our classes to continue to
educate their children.

For an end to the Covid-19 pandemic - we pray to the Lord!