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Diocese of Tulsa evangelizes through their prison ministry

November 10, 2017

The Prison Ministry has been busy in the works of God this season. In July, Bishop Konderla ministered at Davis Correctional Facility where he baptized eight men and confirmed nine. Upon the homily, the inmates were urged the faithful to take a daily focus on Jesus Christ and the freedom that comes from His covering.

Amongst the inmates with lives transformed was Kennedy Nnokam, who was baptized by Bishop Konderla. “I got hit with a stick of love. It is overwhelming that there is a Church so dedicated to Jesus Christ. As I keep going deeper into the faith, I keep falling more in love, Nnokam said. “The Church is so Jesus centered. It is just amazing. Now I get excited to talk about my faith. I have opportunities to teach about the Church here. The Catholic Church allows all aspects of your life to be covered.”

Bishop Konderla expressed the power of the faith and its access to true freedom: “One of the themes that I imagine is on the minds of people in this place is, ‘When will I be free?’ But if you think about it, if that freedom does not already exist in your heart and in your mid, then you can walk out the gate and you will not be free.”