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March for Peace

April 12, 2022

Holy Child Jesus

On Sunday April 3, 2022 Churches united to march for peace in response to waves of violence in the Canton, MS. The March began at Liberty Baptist Church and culminated at Holy Child Jesus Church in Canton. The assembly at Holy Child Jesus commemorated the March Against Fear of 1966 in which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Andrew Young and civil rights marchers were given sanctuary at Holy Child Jesus School and gym after being attacked and harassed by state and local authorities. The assembly mobilized to unite the local community through their Churches to stand up for the children of Canton. It, also mobilized to unite the diverse ethnic population in solidarity with local police to protect this new generation. Former Judge, Mrs. Mamie Chin is a life time member of Holy Child Jesus Church and was present when Dr. M. L. King, Jr. found safety at our School. She addressed the children and youth to take up the torch for peace and faith commitment.