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New Year New Beginnings 02/28/21 Report

July 14, 2021

Apostolate of Black Catholics/Blessed Sacrament


A New Year with New Hope

The Pandemic is still here and so are we. We have seen the first round of vaccinations slowly rolled out and we are encouraging everyone to take it. Our Parish Nurses have helped families navigate the government site and get appointments. They have also continued to check in on families especially the elderly.

Our programs have been up and running on a limited socially distanced basis.

We have done much work in the new year:

• Our college prep continues in small groups. The young adults are moving along well and we can’t wait to see where they go off to school.

• Our Christmas Celebration was done in small groups and gifts were given to all who attended. A great celebration to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

• Our Kwanzaa celebration was live streamed with a few families in attendance and thank you to Fr. Skip for leading this.

• Black History Month was a huge success with over 200 people on-line. The on-line zoom meeting was well received and included:

o A powerpoint slide show tribute to Dr. King.

o “We Shall Overcome” song by the group.

o A cooking demonstration by our own Lovely Soares (the Mac and Cheese recipe is available).

o Black Trivia contest with three winners.

o Infomercials pre-taped highlighting black businesses.

o History of Soul Food Presentation.

o Updates on Apostolate activities.

o Musical Video

o Closing with “Lift Every Voice”

• Black Lives Matter programs supported and attended all over town.

• We are working on a spin off on the Diocesan’s Website.

• The bishop has confirmed our name change from the Apostolate of African Americans to the Apostolate of Black Catholics.

• We are restructuring and reaching out to more parts of the Diocese.

• We are praying for all of our Families and friends.