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Quarterly Report

October 12, 2020

Church of St. Anthony, Mandaree

The Black & Indian Grant has helped the Church of St. Anthony in Mandaree to provide many different opportunities for our students. However, we did not have our usual summer camp do to Covid 19.

The Church of St. Anthony in Mandaree also provides Faith Formation classes on Wednesday evenings. We will begin in October and will go through May. We need to provided teacher and student workbooks, Biblical Movies, prayer incentives and we also provide a small snack for our students in attendance. The grant monies have helped to support these items as the teachers volunteer their time. Our classes ended in March of last year due to Covid 19

We have not yet opened up the Atrium for faith formation classes of Catechist’s of the Good Shepherd. We needed to buy supplies for the Level I of Catechist’s of the Good Shepherd and have purchased them.

We continue to prepare adults and children as well for the Sacraments. In order to do so we also have to buy materials and supplies and have used these grant monies for this. We have prepared children for Baptism, First Holy Communion, Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Confirmation. Fr. Roger continues to do Marriage preparation and other classes as well. We are always looking for different materials and ways to teach these Sacraments and continue to build our curriculum of materials to use. We continue to prep for sacraments on an individual basis due to Covid 19