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Redefining Pre-K Success During Covid Through Culture, Faith and Resiliency

April 14, 2022

St Joseph Mission School

The St. Joseph Mission School Pre-K Program (SJMS) strives to provide the building blocks of cognitive, behavioral, and social skills, and ultimately the basis for long-term success. The uniqueness of our program lies in that we continue to nurture the spiritual and religious growth of our children.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our already fragile Pre-K system of care within the state and nationally, SJMS Pre-K Program has had to pivot as we implement a supportive Pre-K Program. We strive to reinforce a learning experience that not just places our students in front of a computer, during the times where virtual learning was necessary, but to cultivate an interactive in-person learning experience, during the times we are able.

Making and developing meaningful connections is so important to the school and the program, and this connection is something we have defined as our success this year. Some of those meaningful connections stemmed from our local Tribal traditional practices including traditional drumming, song and prayer. This success is a combined effort of the student, teacher, and families. It has been imperative that our curriculum is adaptable to the challenging times during the pandemic therefore, we’ve ensured that a very important and sustaining component has been family empowerment through faith, our deep-rooted rich culture, and traditions, supporting Keres/Spanish language in the home, offline activities for families and so much more. Both faith and hope are crucial elements of resilience and have linked our present circumstances to our vision for the future.