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Religious Education during a Pandemic

November 28, 2020

Holy Cross

At Holy Cross Parish in Corpus Christi, the new Catechetical year is under way. For the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Dispensation from Attending Mass and Holy Days of obligation ended October 31, 2020.

We practice social distancing in our small church, wear masks during Holy Mass, use hand sanitizer, and other recommended practices. Our Religious Education students assist in the disinfection and cleaning of our church after Holy Mass.

Our religious education continues, although in a very different way this year. Religious Education classes are virtual, and conducted at home, with textbooks issued to the students, and assignments provided.

Our families understand that the parent/guardian is their child’s Primary Catechist. They also understand it is their duty to bring them up to keep God’s commandments, and give witness to their faith by what they say and do. Our Parish families are doing their very best to keep our religious education consistent. Our focus is on sacramental preparation and deepening our students’ relationship with Jesus Christ. We are doing the very best we can.