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Thea House: Striving in a Pandemic

October 26, 2020

Thea House Catholic Campus Ministry

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought so much disaster to the world and that has forced us to do things differently in order to continue to stay safe.

Unfortunately, most of the students are studying from home and the best way to continue our ministry was by meeting via zoom or google meet every Tuesday evening for prayer sessions and Bible study. Though this has also been a challenge as most of the students are suffering some forms of 'screen fatigue' with several hours spent on the computer for their online classes. Additionally, I send out a bi-weekly newsletter on scriptural reflections and how they can continue to grow in their faith while studying and working from home. I have also made myself available to students who are having hard times and who needed to speak with me for guidance and/or prayers.

The very few students who are on campus still make use of the Thea House while observing all safety and sanitary precautions. We still provide food, snacks and drinks for them and everyone cleans after her/himself before they leave the house. It's been quite tough and challenging for the students, but they are scaling through gradually with the help of God, the in-built resilience in them, and of course the support they get from everyone around them- both seen and unseen.

Thank you so much for everything you have done in the past and for all you will continue to do for us in the future to keep us afloat and standing.