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Want More Priests?

January 19, 2015

Our formation residence in Nigeria is overflowing with men preparing to come to the United States for seminary. We need to move to a larger space and we found just the place!

About this place:
The new space will provide living quarters for 35 men. It also will give them an opportunity for prayer and study as they continue their path to the priesthood as Josephites serving in African American parishes, schools and special ministries.

The total cost:
The cost to rent the new residence is $45,000 for five years. That’s about $9,000 per year. The cost is low and the reward will be high. You can donate now by clicking here >>.

With your help:
With your help, we can ensure that a new generation of Josephites is ready to take on the pastoral responsibility of leading parishes and serving in African American communities.

The Josephites are the only religious community, serving exclusively in the African American community. We have been growing.

In the last five years, we have ordained 27 new priests … and more priests are on the way. Thank you for your continuing prayers and for your support.