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Welcome to Gesu

November 18, 2020

Gesu Catholic School 

Gesu Catholic School is a preschool through eighth grade school in Detroit, Michigan. We are all facing uncertain times during this pandemic and Gesu decided to go with a hybrid approach for teaching in the new school year. Every family was given the option of coming to school each day or learning from home—whatever was best for them.. While this has been challenging, especially with a new principal at the helm at the school, the students and teachers have responded admirably to create the best possible learning environment. Gesu staff has tried to replicate a normal year for students by creating a dynamic classroom which has included science labs and in-class scavenger hunts.

The school itself has gone through some changes recently. An elevator was just constructed to facilitate easier access to all three floors and for moving things throughout the building. This has been invaluable during this pandemic because it allows teachers to move supplies to each classroom while keeping the students contained in their classroom. Besides the elevator, Gesu has recently constructed a rain garden on the front lawn of the school, as well as creating a garden in the courtyard. These improvements to the school are both aesthetically pleasing as well as important in conserving water.

Picture Captions:
Though we can’t go anywhere right now, the second grade class colored in all the states that they had visited. (It was a whopping 43!)
Even in these tough times, the Gesu community is full of the giving spirit and donations poured in for our Thanksgiving food drive.
Halloween is a spooky time and the second grade got in on the fun by creating monsters of their own. Here you can meet Ellie.
(Article Image) 6th graders work with nurses-in-training from the local university on a science lab.
A volunteer from the nearby Jesuit high school helps a first grader with her reading