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We Are Very Thankful

December 01, 2022

Immaculate Conception Parish

Immaculate Conception Parish in Wolf Point, MT is so grateful to the Board of Directors and the very generous donors of the Black and Indian Missions Grant. Because our grant is for Priest and DRE salaries, I will share some of the special and fun things we have been doing that would not be possible without Fr. Martin and Ann Wienke (DRE).

In September we had an outdoor Youth Mass at the Bridge Park outside of Wolf Point. The RE students took part in various ministries such as lectors, altar servers, gift bearers, ushers, ect. The Pre-K through kindergarten come up around the altar and said the Lord's prayer with Fr. Martin. After Mass, we had a potluck picnic and fun outdoor games for all ages including volleyball, gunny sack races, ect. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was very well attended.

RE Kickoff night was also a very fun evening. Each classroom had their own fun games to play and then we gathered together for supper in the Parish Hall. The food is cooked and served by volunteer parishioners. The Junior High and High School students arrive for supper at about the time pre-K through 6 grades are finishing up. They started their RE kickoff with a bonfire outdoors in the church parking lot. They cooked hotdogs and s'mores, told stories and sang songs around the fire. It was also well attended and proved to be a very fun evening. Ann does a wonderful job coming up with fun and different things to do. We have a lot of students in our RE program that do not normally come to weekend Mass. So it is a great opportunity to instruct them in their Catholic Faith. And when we do have a Youth Mass we get so many more families at weekend Mass that it is very rewarding.

We are practicing for our Christmas program 'A not so Silent Night'. It is very cute and will involve pre-K through 6th grade. We will be having it on December 11th and will also be celebrating our Parish's Feast Day, the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There will also be a Chinese Auction with donated items to raise money for the parishioners that are planning on going to World Youth Day in April.

We are so very humbled and grateful for this grant and all the grants we have been blessed with from Black and Indian Missions because we know we are serving the community with our RE program. We would not have a Church or Sacraments without a priest, but we also desperately need the RE program because a lot of our youth do not otherwise go to Mass or get any Catholic instruction. It is so very important that they are able to receive this education in their faith.

Again, thank you to all of our generous donors, and may God Bless You all tenfold!

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Long
Immaculate Conception Church