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2021 November Submission

November 04, 2021

Central Catholic Elementary

As we return to more normalcy in our classrooms, school grounds and events, students are overjoyed being able to participate so much more. Students are able to participate in group activities and projects in the classroom. They work together to complete many tasks given by their teacher. No matter the subject, students work on religion to science projects together. Two minds are better than one. That is exactly what our students are up to these past few weeks. They truly have missed the opportunity to work in groups due to Covid rules and regulations.

One special activity that takes place each year is our Clubs. It is an event hosted by our teachers 4-5 times throughout the school year. Certain month’s classes rotate to a teacher to participate in some sort of club. We have a slime club, jelly bean, plastic bag, board games, canvas painting, paper airplane and so much more. Students look forward to Clubs and we are so happy to have this return this school year as well.

Another wonderful program we were able to continue with this year is Virtue=Strength. This program is a Catholic Virtue-based formation program for Catholic Schools. Each week students are chosen for the virtue of the week. Those displaying the virtue are awarded a virtue gram and a certificate. Their names are announced on the intercom to the student body. Students come to the office to receive their certificate and have their picture taken. This program has instilled so many life lessons for all and we are thrilled to be able to continue it. We hope you enjoy the pictures attached of students enjoying group work, Clubs and being honored for a Virtue Gram.