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A Fun Day at St. Francis of Assisi School

November 01, 2022

St. Francis of Assisi School

Halloween was a joyful day at St. Francis School because it is the first event we have had since March of 2020! The morning was business as usual, but the afternoon brought out all kinds of strange creatures! The celebration included trunk or treat participants made up of many parents and several Tribal departments. The parent/guardian and community involvement was a generous outpouring of love for our students.

After collecting bags full of treats, students entered a haunted house created by the seventh and eighth grade students. Next was a costume contest followed by a cake walk. The cakes, supplied by parents/guardians, were uniquely decorated and, most importantly, very tasty.

The day’s events were a testimony to our mission statement: “The mission of St. Francis of Assisi School is to teach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through family involvement in workship, evangelization, education and service.” It was truly a family affair, including a number of younger siblings.

At dismissal time, we gather for community prayer. We ended the day with a reminder that the next day is the Feast of All Saints. The joyful generosity of this event was an example of caring for others; caring for others is on the journey to sainthood.

We are grateful for the support of Indian Catholic Missions, another way of caring for others! You help to keep our doors open!