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High School student earn prizes at Art Show

March 22, 2024

St. Michael Indian School

The Heard Museum Guild Youth Art Program on March 2-3, 2024, witnessed an inspiring showcase of talent from St. Michael Indian School high school students in Phoenix, Arizona. Under the mentorship of their dedicated art teacher and alumna, Jania DeChilly, a 2016 graduate, ten students exhibited their creative prowess at this renowned event hosted at the Heard Museum.

The exhibition featured a captivating array of artworks, each piece representing the diverse talents thriving within the local student community. From Tahj Nez's enthralling paintings to Kristen Charley's intricately crafted jewelry set, the showcase highlighted the remarkable creativity and skill of these young individuals. Shiloh Henio's exceptional beadwork piece, "Hummingbird," earned her a well-deserved white ribbon in Division 1, while Karyn Woody's masterful painting, "Rez Nites," secured a red ribbon, affirming her exceptional talent and artistic vision. Not only did the event provide a platform for these students to share their talents with the public, but it also offered them the opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding efforts, reinforcing the importance of fostering creativity and artistic expression within high school education.