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Support with Pre-COVID-19 Views

May 31, 2020

St. Charles Lwanga Center

In a review of recently submitted photographs, at times it felt like a lifetime ago, before the stay at home, shelter-in-place mandates around the country and world. This praying roving reporter coordinator is appreciative of the glimpses of life, love, fellowship and evangelization before the experience of much devastation of families in our communities due to the subsequent declared pandemic. A reminder of our blessings and the hope of things to come are reflected in the activities of St. Matthew the Apostle Parish where the grant was used to help support the participation of youth in their parish Sacrament of Confirmation Formation Program and the Kujenga Youth Conference. These are done in conjunction with the wider parish invitations for participation in the cluster programs led by the St. Charles Lwanga Center. The parish's breakfast including a visit from Santa Claus is indeed a way to connect the fellowship and giving at Christmas time with the community's rallying around the church and worship experience. A glimpse at the youth can cause a pondering about the seeds of evangelization that are being sown just by the favorable experiences that are connected with the church and a demonstrative love of the Lord and each other. The St. Charles Lwanga Center Bible Study group which is comprised of a cross section of members from different parishes have express their desire to return soon to the very enriching study sessions. The expressions of faith experiences are among the attractions of the gathering which is among the programs that are aided by the support of the grant. The times we are living in are indeed opportune to take inventory of our blessings, not the least of which are our refuges of parish and ministry center life. Glimpses back to the way we were can aid us in maintaining and claiming more meaning on our respective journeys of faith. We are grateful for the support of the Black and Indian Mission legacy that promotes that sense of purpose.