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Virginia History

November 21, 2020

Office of Ethnic Ministries

For the past 11 months, the Diocese of Richmond has been celebrating its Bicentennial. As we have been celebrating and looking back at our Diocesan history, the Office for Black Catholics has taken this opportunity to look back on some Virginia history. We have used a recommendation from Open Wide Our Hearts which says the following: “As Christians, we are called to listen and know the stories of our brothers and sisters. We must create opportunities to hear, with open hearts, the tragic stories that are deeply imprinted on the lives of our brothers and sisters, if we are to be moved with empathy to promote justice.”

The Office for Black Catholics has been using Richmond Virginia’s historic Slave Trail Walk to create opportunities to listen and share stories. Over the past 11 months 150 people have taken advantage of this opportunity. The walk is led by Rev. Mr. Charles Williams, Director of the Office for Black Catholics.