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Colorado Youth Ministry Assist COVID Efforts with PPE Project

August 28, 2020

Office of Black Catholic Ministry

The Office of Black Catholic Ministry of the Archdiocese of Denver is humbled and honored to support the Cure’ d’Ars Catholic Parish Youth Ministry with their programs under the guidance of their Youth Ministry Director, Mr. Seneca Holmes. Mr. Holmes happily shares that throughout the pandemic, our youth have been able to remain engaged in order to keep each other strong both mentally and spiritually. He is most excited to report that they continued to minister to individuals without homes with their PPE project. This summer, the youth group has donated several hundred masks and bottles of hand sanitizer to Urban Peak Teen Shelter and given 60 masks to the Forest Street Compassionate Center. Additionally, they worked to put together over 100 kits made up of 1 mask, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 1 pair of latex gloves which were given to a team of community health care workers that distributed them to homeless citizens of Denver being tested for COVID by our county health department. We are so very proud of our youth who use their faith as a source of strength moving forward.