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Faith Formation at St. Martin de Porres

September 01, 2020

St. Martin de Porres

Photo #1
Photos from our First Communion Celebration that was held on Sunday, August 23, 2020. We had five children. The celebration was held with social distancing and masks mandates followed. The children chose the prayers of the faithful and with restrictions for reading them, our catechist read them, and each child stood at their pew as they were read. There was restriction for receiving the blood of Christ and the children understood. It was a beautiful celebration which bought joy to our parish seeing children at Mass and celebrating a sacrament.

Photo #2
On Saturday, August 22nd our children preparing for First Communion received their First Reconciliation. This Reconciliation service allowed each child and their parent, who set the example by having confessions before their child to have their confessions with our pastor. We had zoom classes with the children explaining what confession was. We also had short child friendly movies explaining how to have a good confession by explaining what a sin is, how to ask and receive forgiveness and what a penance is. The service was well received by the children and parent alike.

Photo #3
With Easter Vigil postponed because of the pandemic, the long-awaited time passed, and we celebrated the Adults who were received in full communion to the Church. This service was August 16, 2020. We celebrated the ritual mass for the conferral of adult sacraments of initiation. We had 2 adults who received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Communion. One adult received Confirmation. The preparation to receive their sacraments starts in September and goes until some time in February with a one-day retreat. Preparation is with several churches in our district. We come back to our own parishes for the celebration. This service was combined with our sister church All Saints as one of the Elect is a member of All Saints. We also have a shared priest, Fr. James Arthur.

Photo #4
This is the meeting for beginning of preparation for a couple preparing for marriage. We had a meeting explaining the many steps required to complete the requirements for a wedding in the Catholic Church. The actual preparation with FOCCUS(Pre-Marriage inventory) , meeting with our pastor, a marriage retreat, and many other steps took this couple about 8 months to be prepared. There is a marriage facilitator couple at our church who walked with this couple every step of the way, answering any question and being complete support for them from the beginning to the wedding day.

Photo 5
We had a wedding August 8, 2020. With the restrictions, the couple had a limited number of guests which they complied to very well. They had no wedding party. The maid of honor walked with the groom and the best man walked the bride in. They had a beautiful gesture of giving guests face masks with their name and date of the wedding. Each mask was individually sealed very nicely. It was a beautiful wedding. It showed as this couple came to be married it is not about the weddings party, number of guests, and a huge reception but rather what it showed was the love they have for each other and their faith. They had a wonderful wedding during this Sacrament of Marriage.