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The Feast of St. Nicholas

December 08, 2021

St. Nicholas School

This year's celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas was captured in several different ways. It has always been tradition for students to put one shoe outside of their classroom door hoping to find a treat left by St. Nicholas for all good little boys and girls. Classrooms doors are closed and blinds are drawn, while three eighth graders, with Christmas head gear go around ringing a bell and filling the shoes with chocolate treats. Eighth grades this year in picture taken in the school officer with their teacher Mrs. Harold from left to right are Xavier Starghill holding basket of candy Edward Barnes, teacher and Dari'Ona Coman.

Mrs. McBride's second graders made Miters, a traditional head dress worn by bishops and a symbol identified with St. Nicholas. Alexander Binkney, a fifth grader, portrayed St. Nicholas as a reader at our All Saints Day Mass.

To top the day off, visitors from Cardinal Mooney High School, a local Catholic school in Youngstown, Ohio visited our school, with Santa Claus and the Cardinal school mascot giving the children treats, coloring pages, and teaching the students how to sign "Merry Christmas." It was a fun filled day ending with an ice cream treat from Fr. Martin Celuch and Santa gets a hug from Justin Bryant.