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Growing in our faith and community

March 28, 2018
St. Augustine Indian Mission

St. Augustine Indian Mission

Black and Indian Mission spring 2018 update

As we come to the end of lent and the beginning of the Easter season, it is an excellent time to look back and reflect where we have been this past year. Our religious education efforts continue to expand and bear fruit.

In the school, the teachers continue their own personal faith formation by attending School of Faith Training. The monthly classes have really helped deepen the faith of the teachers and are assisting them with forming a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith so that they can better teach it to the children.

This year, our teachers have also been piloting a discipleship forming program with the Archdiocese of Omaha Director of Evangelization. The teachers attend a monthly facilitated prayer group together and receive training in small group discipleship formation. The model is designed to form small faith communities who can encourage each other with their evangelization efforts.

In parish religious education we have an average of 15 students attending from week to week. We have three parish students in our confirmation class and three students in our first communion class. The other students vary in age range. In addition to the parish students, we have five second graders in the school preparing for first communion and five eighth graders preparing for confirmation. (picture attached) Next year’s school confirmation class has ten students preparing for the sacrament.