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Hopes for the Future

September 03, 2020

Again, with gratitude and hope, the Kateri Community of Hoopa knows how blessed we are by the Black and Indian Missions. Thank you! Certainly, we know that we are not alone; everyone is yearning for in person church services.

The community is small but strong; and plans are underway to resume Sunday Masses. Meanwhile the tenants, Clara and Brian Jordan are keeping an ever-watchful eye on the buildings; keeping the place maintained and watered.

Currently, the Hoopa Community is dealing with an active fire within visibility of the valley floor and an increase in cases of Covid-19. The Hoopa Tribe has been under a strict quarantine policy. Therefore, a plan for reopening will need to satisfy the criteria of the Diocese, the County and the Tribe. Meanwhile our good priests are busy adjusting to changes at St Mary’s, our sister parish in Arcata.

So, those of us who can are travelling to the coast for Mass; while those of us who cannot are finding ways to connect on-line. Some are meeting in small family groups on Facebook such as the Rosary Group being led by Mary Davis, wife of Deacon Davis of North Dakota, or participating in the Masses that are streamed on-line from St Mary’s. Arcata (or EWTN).

Thank you for helping us to support our priests, who come such a long ways to minister to our mission. The St Kateri Congregation knows how much we rely on Black and Indian Mission funds to keep our dream alive of meeting together soon.