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New Life at Congregation of the Great Spirit

September 01, 2020

Congregation of the Great Spirit

This was the second baptism performed since we reopened after being shut down for almost four months because of Covid19. We open with our “Welcome Song” and then the “Four Directions Song” and smudging. These are to welcome all and to ask for God’s blessings and show our thankfulness. On this particular day we are welcoming our “new sister.” Usually (before Covid19) the congregation would welcome the baby by lining up and making the sign of the cross on her forehead during the “Welcome Song.” Now we don’t do that anymore due to the required social distancing. After the first two songs, we have our first reading and then a response song from the hymnal led by Garrett. Then Father Ed gives his homily and then another reading with another response song. He performs the baptism and then announces “welcome our new sister.” The congregation applauds. We then do our tobacco offering and any other offerings (collections) and after a few more words start serving communion while maintaining social distancing. We then have our announcements for our church, community news (when necessary), birthday recognition(s) or anything else going on that needs announcing. We close with our “Travelling Song”, which on this day also includes wishing our new sister a good and safe journey through life, guided by God, Jesus, her parents, her godparents and the congregation. “Welcome our new sister!” Yes, a new life welcomed and added to our circle. Such an honor and blessing.