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New School Library and Accreditation

November 01, 2021

St. Jude Mission School

The School year for 2021 has been very productive for St. Jude Mission School. For starters, our enrollment went up this year. We have students in each grade from 1st-5th. We also have new assessments that will track our students academic growth.

In September we received our WASC Accreditation and WCEA Recognition. It was a long and difficult road, but we are so proud to have been able to accomplish our goal to accredited.

Another goal we accomplished was opening up our own school library. We had many wonderful people help us by donating library books, cleaning, repairing, painting, and setting up our library. This never would have happened without all of their help.

On Friday, Oct. 8,2021 we had our Grand Opening. Fr. Earl Henley blessed our library and Michael Madrigal did a Native Blessing of the library.

Sr. Marianna Terranno, who started St. Jude Mission School, was also present at the grand opening. She was presented with a plaque for her hard work and dedication to the students of the Soboba Indian Reservation. Her dream of St. Jude receiving its accreditation finally came.

The accreditation and school library was made possible due to Ms. Ann Peace. She worked tirelessly helping us through the process of the accreditation, and putting the school library together. Her next goal is to set up a computer lab for our students. Ms. Peace's work ethic and determination has been an inspiration to all of us.