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Youth October Events

November 16, 2021

St. Francis Mission Religious Education Program

The SFM Youth group (sponsored by the St. Francis Mission) collaborated with the RST Wiconi Wakan Health and Healing Program the Month of October to bring Halloween parades and candy drive thru giveaways to all the smaller communities. We were able to hand out our pamphlets of information about our programs. We have 20 communities on the Rosebud. We wanted to do something for the smaller communities for the month, we know the four larger communities usually have activities planned. We started out in the communities of Corn Creek and Black Pipe on October 3, 2021. (These communities are about 50 miles west of Rosebud) We had to reschedule the He Dog/UpperCutmeat parade due to the weather. On Native American Day, we traveled to the Ideal Community (about 50 miles east from Rosebud) and set up a candy drive thru give away for the children. We had a lot of families come through. We traveled to two of the smaller communities known as Milk's Camp community for a parade and gave candy bags and to the Bull Creek community children. (These communities are about 2 hours from Rosebud) We did a candy give away in the communities of Ideal and Spring Creek. We did parades in these other communities as well, Two Strike, Butte Creek, Swift Bear, and Horse Creek. We gave candy bags to four of the communities we missed due to weather. We ended the Halloween celebration with a dance party in the community of Grass Mountain. It was great to reach out to all the families and children in the sixteen smaller communities. Due to covid we had to limit our time but were able to reach a lot of families. Thank you for your support. With your support we were able to do these activities.