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Our Mission

The Black and Indian Mission Office is comprised of three distinct but inter-related organizations, each with its own purpose and history, but all seeking to fulfill the one Mission to the Missions! Founded by the Catholic bishops of the United States, each organization cooperates with local diocesan communities to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and respond to real and pressing needs on the ground. Read more and join us in our Mission to the Missions!

Catholic Negro-American
Mission Board

established 1907, united with BIMO 1980

Support the Black and Indian
Mission Collection

The Black and Indian Mission Collection exists to help local African American and Native American Diocesan Communities throughout the United States spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and respond to real and pressing needs on the ground.

News and Events

BIMO News | 

A main focus of teaching in Catholic education is serving others and providing Christ-like caring to God's people. Our Catholic school students in the Diocese of Kalamazoo serve their communities by living the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Indian Mission | 

St. Rita Church Spanish Community celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe with a procession before Mass on Sunday, Dec. 12, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Black Catholic Mission | 

Bishop Robert Marshall gathered with the faithful of St. James Memorial Church in Alexandria on Sunday, Sept. 12. Thank you to all for your welcome.

Indian Mission | 

Winter has come again to St. Andrews Mission near Pendleton, Oregon. It has brought very cold temperatures and snows to the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Indian Mission | 

Sioux Spiritual Center has had its busiest fall in 7 years this year! It started with the Canku Wakan Retreat in September which was a very joyful experience.

Black Catholic Mission | 

At St. James Catholic Church, our motto is: "Doers of the word living for the Lord." There is no better month to live out this motto than in the month of November.