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Traditional Attire Now Part of St. Augustine School Dress Code

April 21, 2022

St. Augustine Indian Mission

St. Augustine Indian Mission school has a dress code that includes specific styles of shirts, pants and skirts, not unlike most Catholic schools. A similar dress code has been in effect since the school opened in 1909.

A Change came about when Jordann Blackfish, from the Angel De Cora Museum & Research Center in Winnebago, Nebraska was invited to teach our girls in grades 6-8 how to craft contemporary style ribbon skirts. Borrowed sewing machines were set up in the school’s art room for the project. The girls were so proud of their creations they asked principal, Deacon Don Blackbird if traditional garments could be added to the school’s dress code.

The dress code was revised in January to include traditional garments. Students are encouraged to recognize and celebrate their heritage by wearing traditional clothing and attire. Traditional Native American attire (i.e. ribbon skirts, shirts, moccasins, traditional jewelry, etc.) shall be considered uniform and are allowed to be worn in school as part of the standard uniform.