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Black And Indian Mission Collection

February 02, 2015

The 2015 Black And Indian Mission Collection
official Date is February 22, 2015 
(First Sunday of Lent)

Support our mission to the missions!

The Black and Indian Mission Collection exists to help communities build the Church and preach the Gospel of Jesus among the African American, Native American, and
Alaska Native people of God.

Every year, it is the amazing generosity of Catholic faithful just like you who enable the Black and Indian Mission Office to support the following important priorities:

Enlivening Parish Life & Catechesis
Grant funds from the BIMC enables us to support parish-based catechetical programs. We help form and train catechists who will form children to be disciples of Jesus in the world, and get bibles and catechisms in kids’ hands so they can learn the ways of the Lord and take their place around His altar.

Helping Educators Reach Kids
With your contribution to the BIMC, you’ll help support good teachers to help African American and Native American kids learn, like Sheryl Ashley at Saint Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Neb. Saint Augustine kids recently made a 60% improvement in reading scores in three years.

Encouraging VocationsWe need men and women living the consecrated life to give witness to a radical Christian life. We need priests in order to have the Eucharist! Supporting the BIMC enables us to help diocesan communities encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Empowering Evangelizers
BIMC grant funds help offices of Black Catholic and Native American ministries to sponsor events and formation to encourage the Christian life in culturally appropriate ways.

2015 Black And Indian Mission Collection –
Promotional Materials
Official Date is February 22, 2015
 (First Sunday of Lent)
Please see your local diocesan collection schedule for your  parish collection date — collection dates vary by diocese.
Help us to help you by promoting the collection in your  diocese and parish with these tools and please call us if we  can be of any assistance with custom email blasts and the  like. We would love to hear from you!

Below are links to promotional materials: