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Collaborative RCIA Program

November 25, 2020

St. Francis of Assisi

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on the level of activity that is possible in parishes at this time.

The collaborative RCIA Program continues. It was completely revamped this year with the pandemic in mind. The program is via Zoom every Tuesday night. The directors [5 in number from the participating parishes] have assumed the responsibility of class presentation. [Formerly, guest speakers were invited to present some of the class material.]

Recognizing the fatigue that many have experienced from so many Zoom communications, the program was redesigned to last 1 hour on Tuesday nights. Thusfar, it has proved to serve the purpose and goals of the RCIA Program very well. Candidates are directed to read assignments prior to class time. Directors lead a discussion of the readings, and ample time is devoted to the class subject.

The number of candidates is low this year, but that cannot be controlled nor planned for. The parishes continue to solicit candidates who may be interested. Photos are included with this report. However, with the program conducted via Zoom, those photos are limited to a computer screen.