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First Month of School Success

September 03, 2023

St. Pius X Classical Academy

The first month of school has flown by and we are here for it! The First Day of School was a success! Our entire school of St. Pius X students and staff gathered in front of the school for a special prayer, flag-raising, and photo! Each year, we try to do this to see how we’ve grown and to document our whole school on the first day of school. It is such a sweet tradition dating back to the academy’s start.

In PE Class, our students are enjoying the year by playing fun games with the parachute! The game shown in the picture is called popcorn. When the students play popcorn, they must launch the “balls” up in the air and catch them again with the parachute.

We established buddies where students in various grades are paired together to build a school community. This year, our oldest students and our youngest were placed together and started their first session by reading and enjoying each other’s company.

In our fourth picture, two of our students are shown as Adam and Eve, reenacting our Creation Story, the story of Adam of Eve. Our PreK class enjoys reenactments of stories from the Bible. We pride ourselves on teaching our students all about our Catholic faith.

Finally, for so many of our families, AfterCare is important. At AfterCare, students of differing grades are able to hang out, play sports and board games, work on HW, eat snacks, and more! Without this program, we would not be able to take in all of our students. The year has begun and we are all about it! Here is to 2023-2024!