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Growing Ceremony

July 09, 2022

St Michael Indian School

This school year the school began a preschool program for two-year-old students. Seven students were part of the new program and all seven of them completed the year. The school celebrated their participation and achievements in a growing ceremony on June 7, 2022. The preschool for three/four-year-old students were also recognized by their teachers in their own ceremonies which families were allowed to attend. All seven of the four-year-old students promoted into Kindergarten to begin their journey to the Class of 2035. Due to the high demand for preschool, St. Michael will separate each class and expand to three classrooms of 8 students each. There are very limited options for preschool in the community. The school does the best it can with finding private funders for the preschool to help with financial aid toward tuition because many funding programs do not fund students fully for preschool. The preschool celebrated the end of the school year by visiting the local zoo.