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Learning about Saints and Miracles

February 28, 2023

St. Joseph Mission School

This year, our students competed in the Diocese of Gallup Miracle Fair. Students researched the life and miracles of a selected Saint and learned about the history and tradition of the Church. Educators have had the honor to be involved in student’s apprehension and realization of the existence of the Divine through our ancestors in the faith. These stories create tangible and impactful connections of deep bravery, commitment and integrity which our students can draw from in their journey of discipleship.

Religion research provides a wonderful experience for connection of knowledge between subjects. During research students began to make connections with the era of time that saints lived within, recognizing the geography of where these saints came from, and finding connections between their studies and the saint’s works in poetry and writings. For example, our 3rd Grade student, Mason, when learning of the life of Saint John of the Cross made connections that Saint John was alive at the same time as the foundation of the Pueblo of Acoma in 1590. One cannot help but to speculate that these existences impacted each other in prayer, even with the possibility of no knowledge of the other.

The curiosity of children deeply enhances our connection with the Divine, as their gift of purity brings in new dimensions of admiration for our Creator and for Creation.