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May Update

May 07, 2022

St. Jude Mission School

It is now May, and in a few short weeks the St. Jude Mission School students will be going on summer vacation. We had a wonderful school year. We did have some bumps in the road, but we managed to over come them. Our students not only grew academically, but also spiritually.

During Lent we followed Jesus' footsteps through the Stations of the Cross. The students took part in being the leader and reading each station. Following Jesus through the stations impacted the students to realize the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.

For a fun activity we had an Easter Egg hunt. The older students helped fill the eggs with candy. Several eggs had $1.00 or $5.00 in them. Some of our students even donated money to put in the eggs.

The school year is almost over. It was great to have our students back in the classrooms, and we are looking forward to the next school year. We can't wait to see how far they will go next year.