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“Vaccinations, Black History, Family Literacy Night, Student Principal for the Day”

May 02, 2022

St. Clare of Montefalco

What a wonderful few months here at St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic. Returning from Christmas Break the school community was able to have students and their families vaccinated right here at St. Clare of Montefalco. Parents, grandparents and students as young as five were inoculated against COVID 19 in the school gym by the Wayne County Health Department. The department returned two weeks later to complete the inoculation with the second shot.

Great news. We finished our middle of the year STAR standardized testing and our Falcons accomplished growth across the board. It was news we all needed in the school. Reviewing the results immediately after testing last week had me printing the results and taking them to the teachers immediately. Smiles and warm hearts were abound as teachers saw what they brought forth in the students first semester. St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School offers the best to all the children in our community. We had some new students actually gain three years in growth since the beginning of the year. Children who have been with the school for years continude their growth trajectory upward.

We celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a different focus every day in the school. Students enjoyed Spirit Wear Day, Pajama Day, Vocation Day, and Service Day. The week wrapped up with the students participating in the reciting of a full Rosary in the church Friday morning. Many used the Rosary decades they made for elders in hospitals to use in guidance for prayer.

St. Clare of Montefalco students acknowledged Black History Month with students sharing out in morning and afternoon announcements facts about important people in Black History. Kindergarten through Grade 2 presented their short Black History Programs immediately following the school’s Wednesday, February 16th, Weekly Mass. The program was shared live on FB for all to view. Black Minister Richard Lane was the guest giving the homily at our February 23rd Mass. He spoke about the life of his father, NFL player Night Train Lane and the struggles he overcame but never gave up on his dream. Fifth grade through eighth grade shared their Black History Program following the March 9th Mass as Winter Break and Ash Wednesday took precedence. Our school acknowledges Black History goes beyond the month of February.

Thursday, February 24th , the school had its first family engagement night since the pandemic began two years ago. A Family Literacy Night was hosted by Global Psychological Services. Read Alouds, back pack painting, board games, sight word games, social emotional learning discussions, and dinner were all part of the evening. Masking allowed the school to integrate families at this evening event. We look forward to a Family Math Literacy night in May.

Finally, the fund raising results from the Annual School Auction were announced at the end of the February. The February 19th Auction raised over $80,,000 which was $10,000 more than last year. Once of the bidding items allows a family to have their child be Principal for the Day. This year 7th grader Braylin Wilson was our principal. Braylin shared his day in the church’s weekly bulletin. Enjoy his article below.

Principal for the Day – Braylin Wilson

As Principal for the Day on February 28th I arrived at 7:45 AM and handed out bulletins during Drop Off. I went inside I made the announcements. Soon after I went to the gym and played basketball with the seventh and eighth graders. When I came back I canceled a test and it was back to the office where I wrote this Bulletin article. Next I went around the school talking to all the kids about school and other subjects. Later I went back to the seventh and eighth grade classroom and played a kahoot with 70 questions! After that I came downstairs and enjoyed hot cocoa and a paczki. Next I went outside to check the weather to see if it was safe or not to go outside for lunch. I recited the lunch blessing prayer with the whole school over the PA. I did recess duty with grade one where I played Red Light Green Light with them. Soon after I went inside and hung out in my classroom to eat lunch with my friends. After that I went outside to burn palms with the fourth graders. When I got back I played another Kahoot with the third and fourth grade class. I finished the day doing announcements and Prayer.