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March 22, 2020

St. Joseph Apache Mission

Baptism is an important part of our religious education and evangelization programs. I say this because it is through the required classes for parents and Godparents that we are able to reach out to members of our parish community that perhaps hadn’t continued their religious education since confirmation classes.

Many people do not realize that there is a lot of preparation that goes into baptism classes. Sr. Robert-Ann Hecker and Sr. Juanita Little both who are Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Health give the classes. Both have been working in this community for over thirty years and have given the same classes to many of new parents.

Baptism is a beautiful sacrament in itself and our community takes an active part in rejoicing with the parents and Godparents in welcoming the newest members of Christ’s Church. We are blessed to have such a majestic sandstone church in which to celebrate the sacrament in. Because the sanctuary is four steps up and our historic baptismal font is close to the top stair all of the pews have a great view what is happening.

Many of our parishioners have family members that attend other church detonations in our community and those family members come to celebrate with them. We believe it plants a seed and that seed can grow though our witness of God’s love.