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Honor Rev. Martin Luther King

February 03, 2023

Cathedral of Saint Michael the Arcangel / Black Catholic Apostolate

Starting on the 1st day of Advent and throughout the Christmas season, the Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies’ Auxiliary conducted their annual collection of hats, gloves, mittens and scarves. This group is part of a national fraternal Catholic group whose mission is to evangelize, provide scholarships to advance the future of high school students and charitable works. They primarily work among Blacks, African-Americans, and People of Color. People work all year long knitting and crocheting many items. We also had people who lived outside of the diocese and the state making these articles. Making these goods available is part of our holiday preparations. This collection has been taking place for many years. Among those who have been given these various articles are children agencies, churches of different denominations and organizations that specialize in children’s needs.

This year was a special year because we took this opportunity to honor Rev. Martin Luther King by donating many of these articles to a local Ukrainian church. They came to our celebration at the St. Michael’s Cathedral. During this celebration we were able to make this donation and perform our day of service in honor of Rev. King. This was very fulfilling and encouraged the Claver organization along with all those who participated in collecting these gloves and mittens.